Friday January 31:

¨We are trying to improve the Wifi system on the camp site. As from tomorrow, February 1,we will use a new Internet provider, who will install a new Wifi system from the ground up. This change will take 7 days. To compensate for the problems you will get, Wifi on this camp site will be free for 1 week for all 1000 potential users, even if you paid 1 month in advance…¨


Thursday February 6:

¨Sorry to hear you did not have any Internet this week, but they are not ready yet. Wait until Saturday morning.¨


Friday evening, February 7:

¨Yes, they are completely ready now. We are sorry you can not get into the Internet yet, and that you have ping times of 20 seconds where 100 milliseconds is normal. Everybody knows that the Internet cannot work then, so it is quite normal that you can not get a connection. That is because the Internet is free for this week. There are just too many people on it. Probably all looking at the opening of the Olympics via Internet now.

Wait until Monday, when everybody has to pay again. Then there will be a lot less people using it, and everything will be o.k. No, it is no problem that the old ISP had to upgrade the system to four times the number of access points to make it work, and that every user with an old PC or a handy will slow the speed down from 54 Mbit to 1 Mbit per access point.¨ 


A Dutch judge has ruled that all Dutch Internet providers must block the Pirate Bay website within 10 days from today, preemptively, even when there is no proof of breach of law. The Netherlands is going the same route as popular countries like China and Iran. Time to fire up your TOR router…

I have moved my blog from blogspirit to wordpress, because I was getting tired of handling the spam it generated.

I hope wordpress does a better job of fighting spam. The future will tell…